Welding manipulators and positioners

We at Boyd smiths make custom manipulators and positioners for various industrial uses such as welding, painting, grinding ect. These special units are designed according to the requirement of user’s specification and have powered tilting and revolving features positioning the work-piece at ideal position for operation.

Our welding manipulators and positioners and can be tilted certain degree within the range of 0°~135°, and rotated 0°~360° infinitely at any tilt angle having capacity ranging from 100 kgs to 60 MT. The revolve unit is driven by motor attached to a precise speed-reducer and VFD to suit customers requirement. These machines can be used with various manual or auto welding coupled with manual or automated clamping and can be modified with upgrades for better efficiency. By proper adjustment, it can make work-piece at optimum welding position, attaining purpose of reducing labour intensity, improving, welding speed, guaranteeing welding quality.

These are extensively used railway, defence, power, chemical industry, metal structure and others lines. Check out some of the images below as an example of our exemplary work. Our products are superior, durable and cost-effective.