Drop Pit Table

Boyd smiths have recently developed drop pit tables designed to accommodate two axle bogie. The up/down movement of the platform is done using 4 synchronised lead screw inside the lifting column to protect against debris and damage. The screw nuts are guided and lubricated through the entire stroke to maximize the wear life.

The equipment is controlled using a PLC,which is programmed for automatic operation. PLC controls help the operator in assessing the precise position of the machine and enables them to control better and smoothly the operation of the machine.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Capable of changing out complete bogie as well as single axles with traction motors.
  • Four (4) Self-locking screw jacks with bronze nuts and steel safety follower nuts.
  • Four columns with variable frequency drives (VFD) and absolute multi-turn encoders. Absolute height position sensing also included on each column as an additional safety device.
  • Destination and traverse table with accurate precision with the touch of a button.

Operator Station provides drop table location and fault information on HMI display.  Wireless remote controller provided with emergency stop pushbutton.

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